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Drive- and Conveyor Technology

Machine components made of plastic are everywhere in bulk material handling equipment. They perform important functions and work reliably and safely in diffi cult conditions. Plastics are extremely durable and sturdy. They are mouldable and very light. And they can be produced faster and cheaper than metal.

With optimal materials from our own production and a modern machine shop, we can make sheaves, rollers, guide wheels, gears, sprockets, wear pads and guide strips in small or large series: precise, fast, economical – and in a consistently high quality. With our manufacturing and machining capabilities, we are among the top suppliers globally.

engineering plastics in conveyor technology

Typical applications for machine components

Advantages for these applications made of LiNNOTAM

  • low noise
  • low weight
  • high wear resistance
  • corrosion resistant
  • cost-effective production
  • maintenance free
  • wire rope preserving elasticity
  • protection of the running surface
  • good vibration and noise dampening
  • long service life
  • good dry-running and emergency running characteristics
  • good sliding properties
  • high hardness

Sheaves made of LiNNOTAM

Longer life for wire ropes!

Application areas: Everywhere less noise, high wear resistance and low maintenance is needed - for example: storage and retrieval systems, gantry cranes, elevators and lifts, cableways, hoists and other similar applications. Sheaves made of LiNNOTAM, LiNNOTAMGLiDE or LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE 612 are suitable for high loads and have a proven track record over many years. In comparison to steel sheaves, the surface pressure of the rope groove is 10 times less - and the life of your wire rope increases substantially.

And another plus: Sheaves made of LiNNOTAM dampen and absorb damaging vibrations from the wire rope, and they can extend the life of the bearings and the entire drive unit.

Rollers made of LiNNOTAM

The best protection for your surface!

Application areas: Everywhere quiet running, low weight and economical production are advantageous. Rollers and guide wheels in transport vehicles, crane carriages, crane tracks, trolleys, storage and retrieval systems, specialized bulk transport and handling systems and applications with rolling movements. Pulleys for vertical conveyors, bucket elevators, trough conveyors and other applications in bulk material handling.

Rollers made of LiNNOTAM, LiNNOTAMGLiDE or LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE 612 are wear and corrosion resistant, especially compared to steel rollers. Compared with other thermoplastics, our materials are particularly strong and allow considerably higher loads. Rollers of LiNNOTAM reduce surface area pressure and protect the running surface.

And another plus: The elasticity of rollers and guide wheels made of LiNNOTAM guarantees that fl at spots developed under static load quickly and reliably disappear. Therefore vibration free operation can be guaranteed quickly after start-up.

Gears, sprockets and guide strips made of LiNNOTAM

More stability for peak loading!

Application areas: Everywhere dry-running or mixed friction occurs, special plastic specific characteristics are required and low production costs are advantageous. Wear pads and guide strips, packaging and fi lling equipment, bulk transport and conveyor systems, chain guides. Sprockets in vertical conveyors, accumulators, trough conveyors, pipe conveyors, bucket elevators and similar applications.

Gears, sprockets and guide strips of LiNNOTAM, LiNNOTAMGLiDE , LiNNOTAMGLiDE Pro and LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE generally do not need lubrication and have the highest operational safety even when running dry. All the materials have especially good dampening properties and can therefore absorb vibrations which are damaging to the bearings - the life of your entire equipment is increased considerably.

And another plus: The good elasticity provides for a fast recovery from shock loads, prevents permanent deformation and guarantees a long service life.

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