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Components made of plastic

We develop your product together

What parts for your machines can be made from plastic? Which plastic is best for your operating conditions? And what processing procedures give the best result?

We provide you with the technical expertise and work with you locally to check the operating conditions on your machine, check your design drawings, recommend the most suitable material and the machining process, and we manufacture a prototype if required. As we manufacture your parts from the material to the finished component exclusively on our own equipment, we can guarantee consistent high quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

High precision engineered components - Fast, economical and reliable manufacturing by machining

From wheels to complex 3D machining

We use cutting processes (sawing, milling, grinding, turning, planing, drilling, etc.) to manufacture very stable and durable engineered components that are particularly suited to applications where high friction and wear conditions occur. Through a wide range of processing possibilities we create for you all individual design solutions – from the simple wheel to complex 3D processing.

Manufacturing by experts

Our manufacturing is performed exclusively by experienced, trained staff. Our application engineers accompany you from the initial concept through to the finished engineered component; you benefit from the experience of our mechanical engineers and technicians in the implementation of engineering solutions using plastic.

Leading from the front in Germany

Our machines are technically equipped to support advanced economical machining processes. More than 60 machines are available for processing your engineered components. The precision machining of different types of plastic is only possible through the precise combination of manufacturing processes, machine, clamping aid and tool coupled with specific manufacturing know-how. We manufacture almost fully automated. Due to our manufacturing and processing capacity we are already a market leader in Germany and can manufacture your engineered components as required in individual pieces, small batches or large scale production.

Precision in any format

Our machines enable a wide range of processing options in different widths and diameters and the manufacture of low and high volume precision parts:

  • CNC 5-axis milling machines, work area up to 3,000 x 1,000 mm
  • CNC lathes with driven tools, clamping range up to ø 1,560 mm
  • CNC lathes, machining length up to 2,000 mm
  • CNC automatic lathes up to ø 100 mm
  • Automatic lathes up to ø 100 mm spindle size
  • Band saws up to ø 800 mm
  • Panel sizing saws up to 170 mm cutting thickness and 3,100 mm cutting length
  • Four-sided planers up to 125 mm thick and 225 mm wide
  • Thickness planers up to 230 mm thick and 1,300 mm wide
  • Profile milling (shaping and molding)
  • 8-axis CNC automatic profile
  • Gear cutting machines for gears from module 0.5 to 1,500 mm diameter
  • Product labeling by print, laser, hot stamping or normal stamping
  • Assembly of modules
  • Tempering for thermal treatment

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Quality at every stage of manufacture

Computer-aided quality monitoring continuously oversees our manufacturing processes, and a specially designed 3D measuring system is used for monitoring machining processes. Our test laboratory conducts continuous material testing and testing of mechanical properties such as resistance to wear.

Responsibility without compromise

We consider ourselves responsible for the careful use of energy, raw materials and waste and make no compromises in our compliance with environmental regulations. Our production wastes from the machining processes are subject to a recycling process and reused as raw material in the consumer goods industry. We are also happy to assist in any enquiries regarding environmentally friendly plastic processing.

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