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Application Engineering

Design of component parts made from engineering plastics

In more and more applications component parts made from engineering plastics are proving their outstanding characteristics and advantages when compared to conventional materials such as steel. These characteristics, in combination with the economical production method of machining, is what distinguishes our components made from plastic.

We are happy to advise you in the use and design of engineering plastic components. Our application engineers, with all their experience from different applications, is available to you. Use our 50 plus years of experience and make your application our challenge.

We can help you from the material selection to the design of your product. We draw not only on our extensive experience but also on established calculation methods.

Calculation and Consultation services for your application conditions

  • Calculation of sheaves, including bearing design
  • Calculation of gears
  • Calculation of slide bushings (axial and radial)
  • Calculation of guide wheels and castors
  • Calculation of spindle nuts
  • Determination of plastic specific tolerances
  • Advice about radiation and weathering resistance
  • Advice about fire resistance
  • Advice about physical and chemical properties
  • Advice about proper storage
  • Advice about the proper machining of our materials

Advice for food contact applications

Since 2011 there is a new regulation EU/10/2011 (replaces 2002/72/EG) for plastics in contact with food. The reasons behind the regulation can be found in the regulation EG/178/2002. European regulations must be implemented at the national level. In Germany, the LFGB (Food and Feed Code) and the BedGStVO are responsible for this.

Licharz GmbH regularly tests its Food Grade plastics. We have expanded our laboratory, and we conduct our own migration tests as part of our production control. Our Certificates of Conformity are based on tests conducted by laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our certificates follow not only the instructions in Annex IV of EU/10/2011 but also the guidance for it. There it is described in detail what information and at what point in the supply chain the information should be given.

Where required we also test our Food Grade plastics according to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Compared to the European regulation, the FDA compliance is somewhat easier to achieve. However the FDA is constantly updating its regulations.

Do you have questions?

We are glad to help. Contact our Applications Engineer!

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