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The engineering plastics PA, POM and PET are innovative substitution materials for metallic materials because they are wear-resistant, low-friction and easy to machine. Licharz individually adapts engineering plastics to your specific application. The introduction of additives such as oil allows mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties to be modified.

Under the brand name LiNNOTAM we offer particularly wear-resistant and low-friction cast polyamides. Due to the special production process LiNNOTAM products have extremely low residual stress and are exceptionally dimensionally stable and have excellent machining properties:

Semi finished production

All types of blanks

We make the job easier!

Dimensionally accurate cutting of sheets, rods and tubes or blanks cut from sheet. Ready for further machining. This is no problem for us. As a manufacturer of large format semi-finished products we know precisely the problems faced by the machinist and have exactly the right machinery needed for efficient cutting.

The solution is cutting to order. Using modern CNC controlled table routers, sheet planers and molders we can produce pieces from all customary types of plastics accordingly dimensioned to your wishes.

  Order online!

Our online shop enables access to our current stock and offers particularly attractive offers. Calculate exactly the blanks that you need using our eCut calculation tool!

Components for every need

With the most modern machines ready to go!

Engineering plastics are high performance engineering materials for highly stressed mechanical parts such as slider bearings, wheels, pulleys and guide rollers, gears and sprockets and many other engineered components. We provide advice on the use of plastic engineered components and help you to develop custom component solutions for your machines and equipment.

Machining – fast, accurate and economical

Highly accurate, very stable, long-life engineering components can be manufactured quickly and economically by machining. Whether sawing, milling, turning, planing or drilling, Licharz offers a wide range of manufacturing possibilities to suit your individual solution – from a simple wheel to complex 3-D machining.

We check the operating conditions relevant to your machine, review the construction drawings and recommend the material and the best machining process for your needs. If required we can also manufacture a prototype for you.

Component parts machining

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