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Ownership and Management Change

We would like to inform you of a change in the shareholders and in the management of our company. We, the Licharz family and Dr. Otto Lose, have decided to transfer ownership of the company from one family to another.

We, the Licharz family, of course did not make this decision lightly. However, in recent years it became apparent that our children had other interests and talents and would not be joining us in the company. Together with Alfred Licharz sen., the founder of the company, we therefore decided a few years ago to consider other ways to ensure the continuity of the company. It was important to us that the company remain an independent entity and continue as a medium-sized company. In our search for new alliances, we met Dr. Otto Lose, who showed great interest in taking over our company. We believe that in Dr. Lose we have found a successor who will successfully lead the company into the future.

I, Otto Lose, come from a family of entrepreneurs. My family, which is very large - partly because the company is well over a hundred years old - sold their company several years ago. I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur again. For some years now, I have been looking for a company like the Licharz Group. I have gathered a lot of experience in industrial companies that produce materials for industrial applications. The use of a lot of energy and large machines to make a product is very familiar to me. The Licharz company has everything that I know from my past experience. It also has an excellent product, known by you for its good quality, and very experienced and good employees.

Both of us, the outgoing family and the newcomer family, are convinced that this decision is good for the company as a whole and will give new ideas for shaping the company’s future.

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