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We research, develop and manufacture for you

INNOVATIONS: since 1962

We are specialised in the manufacturing of semi-finished engineering plastics. Our emphasis is on production of LiNNOTAM, a very dense, durable polyamide casting. We also focus on POM and PET. Our volume of engineering plastics is over 7000 tonnes a year. We are among the top manufacturers worldwide.

Durable materials, individual cuts, a variety of dimensions – that is very important for us. The art of polyamide and semi-finished product manufacture depends on good formulae and manufacturing equipment which is exactly suited. This is why formula development and equipment settings go hand in hand.

Family Licharz - Research - Development - Production

The engineering plastics PA, POM and PET are innovative substitute materials for metals because they are hard wearing, have a low friction coefficient and are easily machined. It is therefore no wonder that they are the raw material for various components in engineering and industrial applications.

When you see a crane, a conveyor or food processing, quite often Licharz is in it.

At our headquarters in Buchholz, Germany, we develop formulae for engineering plastics and manufacture semi-finished products and engineered components for a large variety of industries and markets.

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